Announcing Three New States of Distribution

We’re expanding our distribution territory to include three new states: Oklahoma, Louisiana and Arkansas. Founders beer is expected show up on shelves and draft lines in these new markets starting in April.

Founders will be represented by Quality Beverage in Oklahoma; Buquet Distributing, Schilling Distributing, Mockler Beverage, Southern Eagle Sales & Service, Champagne Beverage and Southwest Beverage in Louisiana; and Premium Brands of Northwest Arkansas, Coco Beverage and Golden Eagle of Arkansas in Arkansas.

“For the most part, these are states we’ve been looking at opening for a while now,” said Co-Founder and CEO Mike Stevens. “They’re part of a new region for us that we’re calling the South Central region. It includes Texas, which we opened last year, as well as Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana, which we’re opening all at once. Regardless we’re excited to be bringing our beer to enthusiasts across all of these three new states.”

Residents of these states can expect to find our year-round and seasonal products, both in bottles and on draft, in the first shipment. Specialty releases will follow our release schedule from there.

Opening these new states will bring our total distribution footprint to 30 states. Check out our new distribution map right here:


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17 Comments on “Announcing Three New States of Distribution”
  1. JC

    Great news! I look forward to drinking Founders exclusively beginning in April.

  2. Adam

    Which beers will y’all be bringing down to New Orleans? I’m assuming there will be only a select few.

    • Sarah

      We’ll bring our year-rounds and seasonals to start. We may bring select specialties and limited releases to our launch events. Our first “regularly distributed” specialty will likely be Curmdugeon Old Ale.

      New Orleans will get all of our beers in conjunction with our release calendar. Cheers!

    • Adam

      Awesome, I can’t wait. I’m assuming a Bulldog release party is in order?

    • Sarah

      Stay tuned for release party events! We’ll post them in the events section.

  3. CJ

    Looking forward to seeing this in the OKC and Tulsa areas. Hoping that we get some of the limited releases (KBS and Backwoods primarily), but either way there will be a lot of people around here excited about this. I would be shocked to see any of the liquor stores around here have any Founders sitting on the shelves 3-4 days after word gets out.

  4. Ross

    No distributor is listed for the northern part of louisiana?

    • Sarah

      That’s correct–we’re working on finding a distributor partner in northern Louisiana, but we are not there yet.

  5. Troy

    What about Mississippi? The market is really expanding here for craft. Every time I’m in a distrobution region I load up on anything Founders. Would love to see you guys make it down here.

    • Sarah

      Maybe we’ll be in Mississippi someday!

  6. Brent

    It would be nice if Founders could get beer to the states they’re already in, and ON TIME, before they expanded further…

    • Sarah

      Hi Brent–We’re sorry that you’re having trouble finding our beer in one of our current markets. Can you give us some more information as to where you’re looking so we can address the issue?

  7. Kevin Wright

    Would LOVE to have you in Mississippi! Our beer laws have been changed/updated. We are between Louisiana and Alabama and we border Arkansas. Please come here : )

    • Sarah

      Maybe someday! Thanks!

    • Troy

      You got the same disappointing response I got. “Maybe” and “someday”? guess there is no hope for us.

  8. David Ford

    How do you guys go about finding distributors in States. We’ve been teased here in Delaware and Maruland for a couple years now. Should I have my local distributor reach out you or do you go searching for distributors?

    • Sarah

      We are proactive with our research for new distributor partners in potential new states of distribution. Supporting the craft beer scene in your market is a good way to build up the strength of that market and make it attractive for breweries like us to want to enter it. We have been working on Maryland distribution for some time and are going through some processes there, but it shouldn’t be too much longer now. We are not actively researching Delaware at this point. Please stay tuned!

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