Production Expansion Update

The seamer on our new canning line
The seamer on our new canning line

Over the last couple of months we have been tight on production, and we have watched warehouse inventories, including ours and those of our distributors, affected by a perfect storm of activity. The good news is we’ve watched sales in our existing markets continue well beyond the craft industry average, and thus we’ve had to continue expanding our facility to meet future needs. The not-so-good news is our production facility expansion—with our brew house extension, improvements made to our bottling line, the installation of a high-speed canning line and the addition of several 600 bbl fermenters, all taking longer than anticipated—has affected our ability to provide proper inventory quantities for all of our markets.

After several months of effort, we can now say the end is near, and we are wrapping up our production facility updates. However, during this process, we had to undergo downtimes, which led to inventory levels becoming significantly reduced. It’s important for us to maintain a focus on our core brands in our current markets; as such, we must make some difficult decisions.

In the best interest of our wholesaler partners, retail accounts and craft beer consumers, we will hold off opening planned new markets at this time, including Florida, which was scheduled for a July launch. We also will not be introducing the new package launch of All Day IPA in 12-pack cans next month. Please know that these difficult moves affect many parts of our business but should be done for both short- and long-term success. Until we have built up core brand inventories in all markets again and are comfortable in meeting existing demand, these opportunities must wait a bit longer.

We are confident this won’t take long and hope to be able to embark on these new projects as soon as possible. We appreciate your support and your patience with us as we grow.

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3 Comments on “Production Expansion Update”
  1. KCollins

    You didn’t get to being the best brewery in the world by rushing out low quality product for the approval of the knuckle dragging masses. You do what you need to do, to keep doing what it is you do.

  2. Jeff Heintz

    Disappointed utterly about not coming to Florida yet. I love your beers and by them when I travel. Unfortunately I do not travel out of state often and can never bring enough home to last long. I really hope you come soon to the sunshine state. Craft beer is hugh here and we could use Founders in this market. Oh if you find a hidden stash of KBS let me know if I can by it over the phone or Internet and have you ship me some

  3. Ryan Powers

    Understand, of course, but please push to FL as soon as you’re able! I’m a born and raised Grand Rapidian who is currently stationed in JAX, and I need my Founders!

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