Founders KBS Release 2013

Founders KBS release 2013 will begin with a four-day, pre-ticketed, on-site bottle release beginning on Wednesday, March 27, prior to being released across our distribution footprint on April 1.

Dates for the taproom bottle release are as follows:

  • Day #1: Wednesday, March 27, 2013, 11am-9pm
  • Day #2: Thursday, March 28, 2013, 11am-9pm
  • Day #3: Friday, March 29, 2013, 11am-9pm
  • Day #4: Saturday, March 30, 2013, 11am-9pm

Tickets for all four release dates will be available beginning at 11:00am EST on Saturday, February 16, via on a first-come, first-served basis. There is a limit of one ticket per person. Tickets are non-refundable, and proceeds from the $5 purchase price will be donated to Grand Rapids Whitewater. Your ticket, along with a valid government-issued photo ID, gets you the opportunity to purchase KBS only on the date listed on your ticket. A strict maximum limit of 12 bottles per person applies. KBS is $4.75 per bottle, $19 per 4-pack, and $57 for 12 bottles (three 4-packs). Bottles can ONLY be picked up on the day listed on the ticket from our Company Store during regular business hours (see above).

KBS in a bottle and poured onto a glass, on a barrel in the gypsum mines beneath Grand Rapids

‘KBS Week’ culminates in an all-day draft release party in our taproom on Saturday, March 30. The party takes place from 11am-2am, is strictly 21+ and is free-of-charge. March 30 marks the first day KBS will be available on tap. The party stars the draft release of KBS, and free live entertainment will be offered in the evening.

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35 Comments on “Founders KBS Release 2013”
  1. Sean

    Are tickets transferable? I’m out of the country on Feb 15th but I’m had been planning on going to the event as I did last year. Can someone score me a ticket with my information so I can attend and purchase some KBS?

    • Sarah

      On each day of the release, we will require each purchaser to have a valid, unused ticket for that day of the release, and a valid legal ID proving the customer is at least 21 years old. Only one ticket can be used per person during the entire four day release.

      Because of this, if your friend gets you a ticket, it will be transferable. But the friend will not be able to purchase a ticket for him/herself. Whomever is picking up the beer (e.g., you) using the ticket may do so, as long as they can meet the requirements above.

  2. Eric

    To be clear, I will be able to buy a ticket for whichever release day I choose on February 16th?

    • Sarah

      Yes–all of the tickets, for all four release days, will go on sale on February 16.

  3. Cory

    So if we purchase a ticket, regardless of the date, are we guaranteed the maximum of 12 bottles?

    • Sarah


  4. Brian

    Curious why the change of date for KBS Day? I have been there the last 3 years, but given the date change, and it being the day before Easter, I doubt I will be able to make it 🙁

    Gosh I love this beer!


    • Sarah

      As we mentioned in another response, we pushed the KBS release date back this year due to our 2013 production schedule.

  5. Josh Conley

    Just curious, what happened to the Ides of March?

    • Sarah

      We pushed the KBS release date back due to our 2013 production schedule.

  6. Justin Meharg

    Can’t wait. Will KBS be making its way to NH?

    • Sarah

      As of right now, we plan to get it to all of our current markets, including NH.

  7. Adam

    Excellent way to release a beer!!

  8. Adam Jab

    What an excellent way to release a beer!

  9. John

    In a recent post you mentioned the shelf life for bottles of Harvest Ale and Red’s Rye PA has been researched and set at 3 months. I’ve tried to find out the shelf life of your other beers with no luck… So what is the shelf life for the rest of Founders bottles?

    Love your beers, they are a true treat! Thank you!

    • John

      Or at least the year round as seasonal beers?

    • Sarah

      Hi John–Shelf lives for our products vary. We have not made them public, but if we do, we will likely post them on our website. Thanks for your interest!

  10. Anthony

    Hey! Just a quick question… I’ve been waiting for so long to finally try KBS, I plan to take the trip up to Grand Rapids and get some for myself! My question is, if I buy a ticket for this event, am I guaranteed to be able to get 12 bottles of KBS? If not, I will have to take a day off work and come on one of the earlier days. But if everyone with a ticket is entitled their 12 bottles, I will probably come on the Saturday.

    Also, how fast do tickets usually set out? I plan to be sniping some at work, as soon as it turns 11 am :-p

    Thanks!! I LOVE YOUR BEER!!! 🙂

    • Sarah

      Hi Anthony! Thanks for your comment. In response to your first question, buying the ticket online essentially reserves the 12 bottles for you–so yes, if you purchase a ticket online, your 12 bottles will be reserved for you to purchase on the day for which you bought a ticket, no matter which of the four days you choose. And this is our first time using this ticketing system for KBS, so we have no way of knowing how quickly the tickets will sell out. We’d recommend logging on right at 11am!

  11. MadAtFounders

    This is a disgrace! how are you guys not even going to allow us to purchase a full case???

    • Sarah

      Last year, we found that the demand for KBS far outreached both our supply and our expectations. Limiting the individual allocation to 12 bottles gives more people the chance to try the beer. It will also be available through Founders retailers in addition to the release at our taproom.

    • Brian

      Get bent mad at founders. Imagine being one of the people last year who didn’t get any KBS. Find it yourself at “a retailer near you” excellent choice founders on the release. You guys are very awesome!

    • Ron

      Go suck on a Budweiser! In your world, it’s all about you, isn’t it?

  12. Kris McGuire

    Hi Sarah –

    If I buy a ticket, and my buddy also buys a ticket, can he pick up both of our allocations? Or, do I have to pick up my own allotment?

    • Sarah

      You would have to pick up your own allotment.

  13. Joe

    How many tickets are being sold?

    • Sarah

      That has not been determined yet.

  14. Jc

    I’m dumb and still a little unclear on the actual purchasing part. I understand I can’t buy 3 tickets and use them myself, but can I buy 3 tickets, 1 for me, 1 for my wife and 1 for my buddy that all want to come? Or… Do they have to purchase their own, individually, at the same time I’m buying mine?

    Can they be paid for with the same cc # or does that have to be different also?

    Lastly, if my buddy has a ticket and then bails, can he give it to another person to use that doesn’t already have a ticket?


    • Sarah

      There is a limit of one ticket per person, regardless of date chosen. Any duplicate tickets ordered will be automatically canceled without refund. You can only purchase one ticket for yourself–your wife and buddy would have to purchase their own tickets, as well. And yes, your buddy could give his ticket to another person to use if that person doesn’t already have a ticket to use.

  15. Jc

    In looking at the ticketing website, it has a spot for “attendee name”. Is that the part that has to be different, even though the address and cc info will be the same (for my wife and I)?

    • Sarah

      That should be fine. We just want you to understand that each person is only allowed one ticket. If you purchase more tickets in other names as an attempt to redeem more than one, we will forfeit the additional tickets without refund.

    • Jc

      Understood but my intention is to purchase tickets for friends and family who want to go too, not so I can go through the line 3 times.

      Wiith the ticketing website you’re using if each order is limited to one ticket, not just one ticket per name but multiple tickets per order, by the time I checkout with the 1st order, it’s likely all the tickets will be gone, thus making it almost impossible to get tickets for both my wife and I, unless we were both signed in separately and doing it at the same time.

      Will you allow orders of more than 1 ticket at a time, but with different names, or is what I describe above the scenario?

    • Sarah

      We will allow the purchase of only 1 ticket at a time.

  16. Rose

    Love Founders Brewery and am very excited about the KBS release and so is my father. We live out of state and were planning on making a trip to the brewery just to get the beer. Is there any way for us to get tickets on the same day? Please let me know. Thanks!

    • Sarah

      We’re glad that you’re planning to make the trip! You will both have to purchase your tickets through Brown Paper Tickets on February 16, beginning at 11am. That is the only way to purchase tickets for the release.

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