Florida: We’re Coming!


This guy didn’t make it, but if you can hold on just a bit longer, we’ll be there for you, Floridians! (Thanks to Twitter follower @FLfreak for sending this cartoon our way, adapted from the original work by Funday Morning.) After multiple delays, due to the expansion of our production facility taking longer than we anticipated and continued growth in our existing markets, we are pleased to confirm that our beer will be available in Florida starting the week of August 19 through our partners Brown Distributing. We will be launching with all of our year-round and seasonal products, and we have a few special events planned next month.

Founders fans in Florida have been incredibly patient with us and understanding of our need to grow responsibly—for that we thank them!

And, for those of you keeping track, this is our updated distribution footprint, effective August 19:



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11 Comments on “Florida: We’re Coming!”
  1. Joe Stella

    OMG !
    OMG !
    OMG !
    OMG !

    Tears of Joy

  2. Tamala

    Love this great news!!! Very excited and can’t wait!!!

  3. I own a craft beer bar in Rockledge, FL, Crispy’s Beer & Wine Bar, and I know my patrons are on pins and needles to get your beer here.

    They were somewhat disappointed over the news last month that you were delaying the start of your distribution until October but I think they will excited over this news.

    Chris Pascale

    • Sarah

      Thanks for the comment, Chris! We’re looking forward to getting our beer to you and your patrons next month. It will be here before we know it. Cheers!

  4. jim

    I just drove back to FL from Chicago with a 4 cases to get me thru… will you be offering kegs 1/4 ..1/6 barrels for sale for home use through Brown retailers.. I will then REALLY be happy!

    • Sarah

      Thanks for the dedication, Jim! We will be sending 1/4 barrels to Florida. You can reach out to Brown directly for more information on where to find kegs for sale through retailers near you: (561) 655-3791 – info@brown.com

  5. Laura and I can speak for the Treasure Coast: We are ready for some Founders!!!! Woot!! Can’t wait to drink it on draft and to bring home 6packs to our beer fridge.

  6. Adam

    I joined a group for a private brewery tour in Grand Rapids last year and (upon hearing that you picked new markets somewhat based on word of mouth) badgered you guys endlessly to come to Florida. Naturally, I take full credit for this!

    All kidding aside, I’m so freaking excited to enjoy stuff from my favorite brewery in Florida!

  7. Luna

    we’ve been anxiously anticipating this day since we tried breakfast stout at the huhnapus release 3 years ago!!!!

  8. Joey

    My brother in law Russ is one of the original mug clubbers up there in GR and almost a daily regular. He has me itching for Founders down here in FL. We have been talking about your arrival every time I visit to Willard’s Tap House in Largo, FL. Can’t wait!!

    • Sarah

      We’ll certainly be glad to get our beer to Russ’ family in Largo, FL! We’re looking forward to our arrival next month, too. Cheers!

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