Distribution in Kansas City, KS; Lincoln & Omaha, NE, Starting December 2013

We’re expanding our distribution territory to include greater Kansas City, Kansas, represented by Central States Beverage; Omaha, Nebraska, represented by Premier-Midwest Beverage; and Lincoln, Nebraska, represented by K&Z Distributing. We plan to launch in these three metro areas beginning the week of December 2, 2013.

Kansas City, Omaha and Lincoln residents can expect to find our year-round and seasonal products, both in bottles and on draft, in the first shipment. (Read: These markets will not get shipments of Backwoods Bastard or Sweet Repute for the launch.) Specialty releases will follow our release schedule from there. Stay tuned for our 2014 availability calendar, to be announced next month.

Here’s a rough map of our distribution coverage in these two new states:



Check out our updated distribution map here:


* = Founders does not have distribution in the entire state. Distribution coverage by state:

  • Alabama: Most of Northern Alabama and the Auburn area. Counties covered include the following: Cullman, Jefferson, Lee, Madison, Marshall, Morgan, Shelby, St. Clair, Tuscaloosa, Walker
  • Kansas: Greater Kansas City
  • Minnesota: Greater Minneapolis
  • Nebraska: Greater Lincoln and Omaha
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10 Comments on “Distribution in Kansas City, KS; Lincoln & Omaha, NE, Starting December 2013”
  1. Robert Scorpio

    Any chance that Louisiana is in Founders future?

    • Sarah

      Not in the near future, but you never know!

  2. Sean

    I would love to be able to say that I like the idea of you expanding your territory but you don’t even have the ability to meet the demand in the prior states that you have been distributing to for a much longer time…like PA and NJ for example…

    • Sarah

      Hi Sean–Thanks for your feedback. We ran into inventory shortages this past summer while we were undergoing some production updates, but your local stores, bars and restaurants should be able to stock our non-allocated beers (year-rounds and seasonals) without issue. Please feel free to email us with more information if you have concern about a particular region or a few of our retailers who have been unable to keep our beer in stock: info AT foundersbrewing DOT com.

  3. Joe

    I live in Arizona now. I am michigan born and raised. Arizona is begging for founders. I have been to brewery and have beer sent to me. I have tried El Paso, Tx but it’s never there. Please try to find some one in Arizona.

    • Sarah

      Hi Joe–Arizona isn’t on our radar for the near future, but you never know what we might do next!

  4. John

    I saw a Founders Van in South Texas today (Edinburg, TX). Are ya’ll extending distribution into the local area down there (made up of Hidalgo and Cameron Counties)?

    • Sarah

      Our distributor partner in Texas, Ben E. Keith, represents us in the entire state. Please feel free to reach out to them with any specific distribution questions for that area: (214) 634-1500. Cheers!

  5. Chris

    Thanks for finally getting to the Kansas side of the Kansas City metro! I was getting sick of having to make the run to the other side of the state line.

    • Sarah

      We’re looking forward to being in this new market and decided to open it because of beer enthusiasts like you. Cheers!

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