Centennial IPA Cans in the Works

Following the recent release of All Day IPA in cans, our team is preparing to put Centennial IPA in 12-pack cans, as well, likely to go on shelves at some point early in 2014. We have designed the packaging and are in the process of determining what this new package will require from us in terms of production capacity. We hope to share more details, including a launch timeline, later this year.


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5 Comments on “Centennial IPA Cans in the Works”
  1. This is a Pretty Huge Deal — I can’t think of a more deserving IPA for can conditioning. The only downside to this announcement is the fact I’ve gotta wait until 2014.

    • rob

      Same thoughts here. Still on the hunt for ADIPA cans by me.

  2. David

    Can’t wait for these! In the meantime, I have been unable to find ADIPA 12-packs in the Madison, WI area. All the places I’ve been say that they haven’t received any yet.

    • Sarah

      Hi David–They are rolling out starting this month across our markets. Please feel free to call our distributor in Wisconsin, Beechwood, for more information on where and when you may be able to find some in the Madison area: (262) 717-2831.

  3. Niall Little


    All Day IPA cans will be available in Wisconsin in September. You will see it at Woodmans and places like that.

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