Taproom Closed July 29 & 30

Our taproom will be closed ALL DAY on July 29 and 30 for our first-ever employee getaway. The deli and company store will be closed, as well, and there will be no Discfunktional Sunday.

We’ll also be using this opportunity to re-surface the taproom floors and make some other improvements so that your Founders experience will be better than ever!

The taproom, deli, and company store will all re-open at 11am on Tuesday, July 31.

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4 Comments on “Taproom Closed July 29 & 30”
  1. Andy

    Enjoy the company get-away, you all work so hard and certainly deserve it!

  2. PJ

    I’ve been in Germany for the past 3 months on a study abroad program. Everybody told me how good the German beer would be, but I’ve missed my Michigan craft beer. I even had my family fly my last bottle of KBS out to Germany so I could share it with my German dorm mates to show them what good American beer can be. I intentionally flew back into Grand Rapids instead of Detroit to go to Founders upon my return. I fly back July 29th…

    • Sarah

      We hope your German friends enjoyed sharing the KBS with you. Have fun during your last few days in Germany, and we’ll see you in our taproom soon!

    • Modern

      I am certain that you can explain to the airline that your favorite brewery will be closed on the day that you originally had planned to fly back. They HAVE to change tickets for things like that, right?

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