Iowa, Here We Come!

As you may have heard if you follow us on Facebook or Twitter, our beer will be released in Iowa beginning on Monday, March 19. We’re excited about entering the Hawkeye State! We have a network of nine distributors that we’ll be using to cover the entire state, from Des Moines to Sioux City to Decorah to Keokuk.


a map of Iowa with the Founders beer bottle lineup overlaid
Ready or Not…


Also, we’ve received many questions so far about KBS from Iowans: KBS will not be available in Iowa this year, because we had already shipped all of the KBS that had been packaged before we began shipments to Iowa. The one exception to this is the release party that we are having at Reds Alehouse in North Liberty on March 20, beginning at 4pm, where a 1/6 bbl (a small keg, also known as a torpedo keg or a log) of KBS will be tapped.


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16 Comments on “Iowa, Here We Come!”
  1. Can’t wait to have you guys here in Iowa. I used to live in Grand Rapids and spent many evenings in the old taproom on Monroe across from Baker Furniture. In fact, I remember trying one of the first batches of Breakfast Stout there. So, welcome to the heartland. I look forward to seeing you at Red’s in a couple of weeks.

    One quick question, will All Day IPA be available in Iowa as a regular beer?

    • Sarah

      All Day IPA won’t be in Iowa this year, but we’re hoping to expand our markets for it next year, including Iowa.

  2. Oh, and will you bring me a bottle of CBS? I’m not above begging.

    • Sarah

      CBS was sold out back in October 2011, friend!

  3. Curmudgeons Better Half is on tap as well, or that’s bottles?

    • Sarah

      For the release party at Reds Alehouse? It’s all draft.

  4. No KBS? Bleh. The least you could do is get some to El Bait Shop craft beer bar in Des Moines

  5. Please keep me in your email or mailing list. I now have no reason to move to G.R.

  6. Why are you expanding your distribution if you obviously can’t supply enough to your current markets?

    • kevin

      Would love to hear the logic on this one…

  7. nicheplayer

    Which beers *will* be coming to IA this year, then?

  8. Matthew

    No KBS at the Reds Founder’s release, but CBS instead? That’s what I heard at least.

  9. Exactly where is the facebook like link ?

    • Sarah

      At the bottom of the post, under the “tagged” items.

  10. Robert

    Finally! I have been making runs to the Iowa-Illinois border for far too long. We wish you a warm welcome to the Hawkeye State!

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