Furniture City Stock Ale Brewed in Celebration of the Grand Rapids Public Museum Beer Exhibit

When the Grand Rapids Public Museum opens the doors on its “Thank you, BEER” exhibit next month, it’ll do so with its own signature beer to add to West Michigan’s rich craft brewing history. In celebration of the museum’s historic beer exhibit, we’ve brewed a limited-edition Furniture City Stock Ale that will be sold exclusively in West Michigan. Profits from sales of the 6.7% ABV beer will be donated to the Grand Rapids Public Museum.

Furniture City Stock Ale bottle shot

Furniture City Stock Ale is a malt-forward beer brewed with seven different varieties of malts and grains. Our version of this historic style of beer pours a deep mahogany and is smooth and easy to drink. Each 750mL bottle has a suggested retail price of $6.99 and will be available at participating West Michigan retailers beginning on Monday, October 8. Our taproom will also be pouring this beer on draft and selling bottles out of our coolers.

“When we learned what the team at the museum was thinking for the ‘Thank you, BEER’ exhibit, we knew we had to introduce a commemorative beer in celebration,” said Dave Engbers, our Co-Founder and Vice President of Brand & Education. “Our motivation for Furniture City Stock Ale isn’t about Founders; it’s about celebrating the rich history of brewing in our community, and its vibrant resurgence today, while offering a return ‘thank you’ to the fine folks at the museum who came up with this excellent exhibit.”

The “Thank You, BEER!” exhibit opens at the Grand Rapids Public Museum on October 13 and runs through December 30, 2012. In addition to the ongoing exhibit, the museum will host a brewers challenge, beer education programs and food pairing events throughout.

We produced just 80 barrels of Furniture City Stock Ale. We have no plans for subsequent production, so the commemorative ale will be around only while supplies last.

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5 Comments on “Furniture City Stock Ale Brewed in Celebration of the Grand Rapids Public Museum Beer Exhibit”
  1. John Loose

    Sounds great! I will definitely be enjoying the beer and exhibit once they are available!

  2. SMS

    Can we get a list of participating retailers, or will we need to contact local retailers to see who will get it?

    • Sarah

      Your best bet is to contact retailers directly, yes.

  3. Mike D.

    According to the all-wise internet, 80 barrels of beer is around 12,500 of these 750 mL bottles. That seems like a bit much for just the West Michigan area, so…really?

    • Sarah

      Yup. Some of the beer was packaged in 1/2 bbl kegs for use in our taproom, as well.

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