Founders Is Now Available…Where Exactly?

We’ve begun distribution to quite a few new states in the past couple of months, and we understand if you’ve lost track. To help you out, we made this little map to show you where we distribute our beer as of today:

Founders distributor coverage as of August 21, 2012

Here are the dates of the first shipments to our most recently added states:

  • Upstate New York: May 11, with some areas’ distributors picking up shipments as late as June 29
  • Maine: May 29
  • Connecticut: June 29
  • New Hampshire: July 24

We appreciate the warm welcome that we’ve received in these new-to-us states so far; thanks to all of you who have welcomed us and thank you to the markets that have given us the support to grow to this point.

**Please note: We do distribute our beer in the District of Columbia.


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8 Comments on “Founders Is Now Available…Where Exactly?”
  1. Brendan

    Please start selling in California!! I’ve got a fever, and the only prescription is more founder’s!!

  2. Dave

    I really hope you guys begin distribution in Tennessee. You’ve got most of the south covered already. I just moved from Michigan and am dying for a good brew!

  3. Robert

    Texas begs for some Founders distribution! Until then, I’ll keep bringing it back with me every time I’m in MI. I’ll also make it a habit to drop by the brewery and have a few pints.

  4. Drew

    Where in Maine and NH can I get one of your Libations ????

    • Sarah

      Hi Drew! You can use the Find our Beer page to search for places that carry our product in your area. Just type in your zip code and select what mile radius you’d be willing to travel.

  5. Mike

    Almost all the way south but not into Florida? Come on! We could use some Founders down here.

  6. Teagan

    I love your Frangelic Mountain Brown! Sell it in Arizona!!! Or at World of Beer!

  7. Darryl

    Please bring your beer to Dunedin Fl. We are the craft beer capital of Florida!

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