New Brewhouse!

It’s a day we’ve been looking forward to for a long time now: Our new brewhouse is cranking out its very first batch as we type! (Dirty Bastard is doing the honors.)

Our old brewhouse will continue to be utilized to brew specialty batches and taproom-only beers. This means that, in total, our brewing capacity has increased from 30bbl to 115bbl per turn.

Here she is:


Our new brewhouse!


Director of Operations Alec Mull and Head Brewer Jeremy Kosmicki take a quick break from their hard work to pose for a photo by our new equipment:


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4 Comments on “New Brewhouse!”
  1. New stainless is sexy!

  2. Hey guys,
    This is awesome! It looks great! (now when are we going to get some Founders in Austin?)


  3. Alan Lee

    Wow, I am from Dayton, OH and am a huge fan of beer, home brew and founders. I just found out that I will be in Grand Rapids on the Nov. 11-13th. My wife has a conference in town so I am hanging out. So I immediately went site and found out that your Breakfast Stout Breakfast is on the 12th. I imagine it is sold out. Thanks for making some great beers!


    • Sarah

      As of last night, it hadn’t sold out yet! Give our taproom a call for tickets (have your credit card ready–we open at 11am): (616) 776-1195.

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