KBS at 2.7 Miles Up

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“Founders Crew,

I live in Denver, CO, and hiked Quandary Peak (elevation 14,265) just south of Breckenridge this past Saturday. Atop the summit of this beautiful peak, I surprised a fellow beer enthusiast with an ’09 KBS (his first). You should have seen his face when I pulled the bottle out of my CamelBak—it was priceless and awesome! Anyways, I think this might be the highest place on Earth a KBS has been enjoyed, so I thought it’d be fun to share a photo with y’all.

–Bryan Turner”

Man holds a bottle of KBS and a cup to drink it from atop a mountain peak.


We’re doubly impressed that Bryan had the foresight to carry a cup up with him so that the KBS could be decanted.

Have you taken Founders somewhere incredible (maybe somewhere even higher than 14,265 feet)? Let us know in the comments, upload your photo to our Flickr page, or feel free to email us directly at info [at] foundersbrewing [dot] com!

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3 Comments on “KBS at 2.7 Miles Up”
  1. That’s awesome! KBS is always a good choice anywhere.

  2. Will CBS be available in anything larger than bottles…sixtels?


    • Sarah

      CBS will be available for our distributors in 1/6 bbls but won’t be available for purchase at our taproom bottle release.

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