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We’d been working on developing a cutting edge beer for two years or so, and we were able to perfect the recipe recently. Unfortunately, we ran into some rights issues with the working name we’d been using. But we’re brewers and craft beer geeks. When we run into obstacles, we see opportunities. We realized this was our chance to see what the people who drink our beer think. Hey, if you like us, then we respect your opinion, because we know you know what’s good. So we’re asking for your help in choosing a name and a label for this new beer.

Now, imagine yourself sitting around a table, beer in hand, brainstorming with a bunch of brewers, cellar masters, packaging whizzes, and other beer geeks.


Here are the materials you’ll need to help you make your decision:


  1. A description. The beer you’ve been waiting for. Keeping your taste satisfied while keeping your senses sharp. An all-day IPA naturally brewed with a complex array of malts, grains, and hops. Perfectly balanced for aggressive aromatics, moderate bitterness and a remarkably clean finish.  It’s the perfect companion for tall tales around the bonfire, working around the yard, or introducing great craft beer to your Uncle Ernie and Aunt Claudia.
  2. The stats. 4.7% ABV, 42 IBUs, 6 SRM
  3. Tasting notes. Fresh and hoppy, tropical fruits, oats and wheat.
  4. Ingredients. Three varieties of malts, Simcoe and Amarillo hops (among others).
  5. The accolades. Won a silver medal at the 2010 GABF.


And, by the way, you only get to vote once—there’s no wavering in the craft beer world. Make your decision by 5pm on Monday, April 4, or else it doesn’t count. OK, you’re ready:



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148 Comments on “Help Us Pick a Label!”
  1. I really like the label with the lady on it, but I think I like the name Two Track even more. A good beer has got to have a cool name.

    • Agreed. This beer needs a good name like Two Track. All Day Long is a good description or subtitle, but not a beer name. Not sure I get the lady connection to the beer.

  2. Nice. I like the Wagoneer with boat label. Quickly conveys a long, lazy day on the lake/river throwing back good beers. Which, I venture to guess, is what one might often do with an All Day IPA when afforded the opportunity!

  3. All Day IPA #2 is the only possible choice. Awesome label.

    • Amy

      I like that one too but it looks too much like the St Pauli girl label. At least I think that’s the one I’m thinking of…

  4. Simple is best. Excited!

  5. chris graham

    The girl. Not close

  6. Ela

    Love the way ‘All Day IPA’ just flows off the tounge! Fabulous!

    • I agree. It flows off the tongue. Most people think that IPA’s are strong and they usually are. At 4.7%, this is truly an “ALL DAY” IPA. I think a 4X4 or FJ Cruiser instead of a station wagon would look better.

  7. I like both images, but I think keeping a car on a beer called “All Day” is a bad idea.

  8. I don’t like that they say IPA Ale, India Pale Ale Ale. Like saying your trying to find and ATM machine. But definitely No. 3!

    • Thought the same thing – the redundancy stings a little bit when you read it. Otherwise, love the first label and can’t wait to try the beer!

    • Maarten

      Agreed with being annoyed by the redundancy of IPA ale. Two Track and wooday wagon are unique – just like Founders. I do like the lady, but is too cliche. Leave that type of marketing for Budweiser.

    • Mike

      I guess I should of read this before posting on facebook. But I agree.

  9. Scott

    Love the sound of “All Day IPA”…perfect!

  10. Ep

    Unfortunately, all the losers are going to pick the tattooed lady. Meh.

  11. It’s the one with the woman, I mean what would any guy like to do all day work on the hot chic or work on the Wagoneer , come on?!

  12. I think the one with the lady on it is in the same spirit as the other labels you have. My favorite!

    • I agree! Founders labels typically have a more artsy feel and the wagon just doesn’t have the same inspired vibe.

  13. The first two track. It’s a great name and the name placed on the bottom of the lable looks better than #2.

  14. Josh vecchi

    Why go with another label of some woman when you can give your label more character. Beer poet is correct! The wagoneer label fits the description so much closer.

  15. I like them all, but I’m not a fan of depicting driving on a beer bottle. Yeah, I know, I know… but really.

    The girl label is gorgeous too, it’s a great label! That should be your choice!

  16. The lovely lady has better recognition with your other labels. The station wagon….. not so much

    • tclaker

      And finally, somebody with a clue on branding checks in! wagon is neat…for a gander mountain ad. go with the sexy lady, looks like she could have been Red’s maiden!

  17. What do expect from Founders, it has to be another great tasting beer or should I say an IPA. You guys make the BEST IPAs that I ever had (Double-Trouble, Centennial and Red Rye), they are MY favorites PERIOD!

    • Don’t forget Devil Dancer

  18. The truck and boat are pure Michigan; the mysterious girl has more global appeal

  19. Brett

    The girl is the easiest on the eye, but it would be more fitting if she had 6srm hair. I get the concept of an all-day IPA, but if it has only moderate bitterness, isn’t it more of an APA? Maybe a name like Perennial Pale would be a better fit for the style as well as for the vintage imagery…Perennial Pale: everlasting hoppiness. Just throwing it out there. Can’t wait to try it!

  20. i like #1 and remember the movie “deliverence” with burt reynolds. ie make sure its a michigan 2 track not whereever deliverence ” was ?
    stay thirsty my friends.
    btw. the cooking pbs document of the chef and using founders beer was subperb!! loved it.

  21. I love the two-track one! I would rather say “give me a 2-track” instead of All Day IPA, that just seems like too much to say. One suggestion, you guys are into kayaks and bikes. Put a kayak and a bike on the roof rack instead of a canoe. OR put the canoe and kayak up there and a mountain biker in the distance on the two track!

    • Wouldn’t you just ask for an “All Day”?

  22. The second one is soooo sweet! Can’t wait to try it. You should do this in a 12 pack, that would make it perfect for the day in the yard!

  23. Randall

    The Two Track label looks too much like a New Belgium label. The girl is awesome, plus the name rocks.

  24. The Alphonse Mucha rip off doesn’t say “An all-day IPA”…it doesn’t even say beer.

    • Sarah

      Thanks for the feedback, Jason. You have a great eye. This label is based on an Alphonse Mucha painting–we love his work. In fact, our Pale Ale label is also based on a Mucha painting (we’re lucky that his work is in the public domain!). But if you don’t think the label says “beer” then please vote on one of the other two, so your opinion can be heard! (I’m guessing you already did that…)

  25. “Two Tracks” definately sets it apart from the other Founders labels which all feature people. But a Wagoneer? I can guess who picked that vehicle. Now put a 59 Plymouth 2-door suburban in there and that’s a label.

  26. I like them all, but the two with the wagon look too similar to designs from New Belgium brewery. Gotta go with the girl.

  27. Looking good! Really looking forward to this…..any speculation on a release date or when we might see this on shelves this summer perhaps?

  28. the connotation, drinking, boating and driving, not cool. I like the lady.

  29. Leila

    I love the whimsical look of #3, however, I think the “Two Track” label (with “All Day IPA” as a great subtitle) best fits the description. Save the goddess for something else fantastically delicious!

  30. I was disappointed from the description of the beer that you did not have Camp Ground IPA in the mix!! From your list I like two track, but i will bet all day wins.

  31. I love the tattooed lady label – looks like something I would drink. The others look like something my Grandpa would drink.

  32. can we review the votes to date?

  33. I’m excited to drink it! I like the label with the girl on it, but I like the name Two Track better…

  34. Matt

    The jeep with thecanoe is exactly whats cool about Michigan. Sitting lakeside with a cold bottle of beer…..I only drink the Dirty Bastard, but i still get a vote right?

  35. Would love to see the label with a kayak and mountain bike on the truck since you are such an awesome sponsor for both! Great name..

  36. Mike

    Had this during a recent visit to the tap room. Great beer (of course). Love the label with the Jeep Wagoneer and the canoe.

  37. Jeremy

    The artwork of the woman is nice, but not sure how it fits with the name.

    The Two Track name and artwork are good, and work well together, but I feel like its conveying an image of drinking and driving.

    So, I’m not voting for any of them.

  38. Love “All Day IPA” but I don’t know that the labels represent the name. How about a picnic bench, tailgating at a game, or a beach?

  39. Steve

    I get the idea of the Wagoneer but Beer + driving = bad 🙂
    besides the girl more closely matches the traditional look of the other founders labels….stick to what works.

  40. Simple is best, like all 3 but really like – All Day IPA!

  41. Why don’t you just call it “PERFECTO”. and put the name in the banner under the Lady

  42. Jason

    “Two Track” all the way, no question. The label is awesome and with the “All Day” at the bottom it totally sets it off. And folks please no more about a car on a beer label sending a wrong message. Relax and enjoy the beer. The label sends us to a less stressful place.

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  44. this is a hoppy beer,that suggests a certain edge,a tantilizing spiceness, and conveying the ability to last all day with this beer,which is normally impossible as it would be with a fair lady,lends a mystery and promise that you know about,that despite all the teasing aromas and seductive tantilizers,it is not strong enough to defeat you and will be able to last all day with this brew

  45. I like All Day IPA label because it looks peaceful and traquil, you have a sexy lady on Devil Dancer you dont need another lady on a beer bottle

  46. Putting a car on a bottle of beer is just asking to be criticized, so number All Day ipa #2, all the way. I can’t wait to give it a try.

  47. Definitely have to go for the Two Track. I think it fits the ideal of an all day IPA: a relaxing day in the bush drinking some good brews; all day!

  48. benj

    As already said, the wagoneer label looks like New Belguim.
    The name “Two Track” sounds like something Leinenkugel’s would make. Neither seem very becoming of Founders. This is GR, not Chippewa Falls, WI.
    #3 is in the same vein as your others. Looks good!

  49. Agree with All Day IPA #2 votes. As a hop head trained in the Pacific Northwest, I am gladly qualified (like all your patrons) to sample what sounds to be a winner.

  50. :)

    As many others have said… a car on a beer label just seems to be sending the wrong message, and the lady is a natural beauty. Her style fits w/ the other labels better and it kinda makes me smirk that there is a gorgeous gal and “All Day IPA” on the label. It has character and is pretty at the same time!

  51. Jim

    Easier and more fun to ask for a Two Track. Plus the Wagoneer label is much beetter than the girl for this beer.

  52. I agree about the majoity of the crowd on #1&2 but love the sound of an ALL Day IPA rolls of the tounge way easy…. Yeah! another “All Day” please! Love the look of #3 and agree with others fits a little better with the other lables.
    Either way you have our support!

  53. Not only do I think the lady looks better but for some reason the car with the boat reminds me of something from New Belgium and Founders is head and shoulders above NB.

  54. Hard choice between 1 and 3. I choose Two Track because I have some associated nostalgia, and because it’s unique—anything with IPA in the main title may be a bit more descriptive, but ultimately blurs with all the other ________ IPAs out there. And while I think #3 is more consistent with your other labels, this beer is different from your other beers, so why not maintain that differentiation.

  55. Jim

    Two Track says Michigan to me. Dig the Wagoneer. Run with it….

  56. James Trolinger

    Isn’t the use of both “IPA” and the word “Ale” kind of redundant?

  57. If this is for the same beer I had a Barry-Roubaix, I’ve gotta go with “Two Track IPA”. It just fits.

  58. Clint Larson AKA DAFFY DUCK

    Mix the two = 2 track all day IPA, duh!

  59. Vic

    Since my parents raised me on beer , and 2 tracking , the choice was simple , I will always remember them for the fun , and good times !

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  61. Chanethe wagoneer to an early Bronco & you have a winner

  62. I gotta say I love the two labels with the Woody on it, but, as others have pointed out it doesn’t have the same mojo as other Founders labels. I vote for the lady.

  63. I love the taste. I like the Name ALL DAY IPA. Do not like any of these labels.

  64. Rod

    I think the two track and wagoneer really fit the idea of drinking a few in a cool setting. It doesn’t have to mean you are driving all the time. Save the third one for one of your high alcohol beers that might seduce you and get you in trouble.

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  66. Two Track elicits many an adolescent memory of driving into the woods to the “secret” clearing and partying with my Pals. I feel it is truly Michigan.

    Thank you for continuing with your Greatness.



  67. Two Track, definitely! Oh, and drinking and canoeing…oh, no, THEY don’t go together…

  68. Guys if I may say…I think you might consider a two track name… the artwork with the girl and the name “Jane’s Excalamtaion” on front because she just had her first sip and on the back at the bottom Jane’s Lamentation…because it’s all gone…I’m jus sayin….

  69. ken

    if it’s from founders, it’s gotta be good! #2 was my pick…the name is simple and relaxing and the picture of the old school SUV heading into the woods sums it up. can’t wait to try it.

  70. Hey it’s a great beer, but still a big stretch calling it an IPA.

  71. Jer

    The overall feel of the 3rd is consistent with the rest of your labels. The first 2 do not feel like Founders labels and would possibly throw people off the scent of what I already know from having it in the tap room is an awesome session beer.

  72. Is it me, or will “Two Track” be too hard to say after one too many Two Tracks?

  73. I think the chick on the label is pretty unique and by far the better label. The wagon w/ the boat reminds me of some craft beers out of Colorado for some reason and doesn’t really set your label apart as being unique as the beer. Seems done before.

  74. I vote for the two-track/boony-mobile/canoe label, and I also vote for offering it packaged in CANS. If you’re serious about a delivering the perfect beer for river rats, give it to us in CANS.

  75. I like #3. The day in the country motif from #1 & #2 is great, but anything that can be seen as encouraging drinking while driving is a problem. Keep up the great work!!

  76. I really like the scene of the #1 label and the title: Two Track “All Day IPA”. I kind of agree with the comment about “IPA Ale” meaning India Pale Ale…Ale but it’s not that big of a deal because nobody asks for an India Pale Ale, it’s just an IPA. This particular flavor would be cool in 12oz cans….just sayin.
    If I had to describe what this scene feels to me, it would be something like… Canoeing down a lazy river with good friends/family on a hot, sunny day and enjoying all the beauty that surrounds me at that moment….having a beer that compliments that feeling just makes it all the more better! CHEERS!

  77. Save the woman for a non-session beer. She’s far too exotic for an all day IPA. K.I.S.S.

  78. Also not a fan of the “IPA Ale” – no need to double talk. 🙂 Two Track is a great name and All Day IPA is a great name – but together it’s a bit wordy. Perhaps just Two Track IPA?

    • Malcolm

      Exactly. Thats saying “India Pale Ale Ale”.

  79. Christian Olsen

    I have to agree All Day IPA #3 is the best. I also agree that the added “Ale” underneath is redundant.

  80. Mel

    I agree that the word Ale on the label is redundant. Ale is already included hence the “A” in IPA

  81. All Day IPA is best because it’s succinct. Two Track All Day IPA takes all day to say! Forget it!

    I vote no for the lady picture. Couple that with All Day IPA and you may confuse people into thinking it’s a Viagra-laced beverage that let’s you go all day with the ladies!

  82. All Day Ipa has a nice ring to it. Heck, it even rhymes. The label with the canoe on top of the car portrays “All Day Ipa” much better than the lable with the lady. Sorry, it just does.

  83. the one with the lady on it, it goes with the rest of the branding that Founders has established so far. the one with the car on it reminds me of New Belgium…… ewwwww.

  84. As much as I love Art Nouveau there’s just something about the Two Track label.

  85. I picked the first one because it made me vomit only slightly less than the other two. I can only hope the beer tastes better than the lables look.

  86. I think you’d have to choose based on where you’re going to sell it. If you’re going to release it only to Michigan, I would stick with the Two Track idea. Otherwise, go with #3. I did. Btw, why say “All Day IPA” and then “Ale” underneath. Isn’t that redundant?

  87. I thought we’d get a chance to come up with a name, that would be fun too.
    I don’t even know what an IPA is? While that may be important info for the average craft beer drinker to know, it doesn’t sound so cool when you are out and ordering it. Two Track is a cool name. I agree maybe the car on the label is not a good idea. What about a pic instead of dirt roads splitting off or two train tracks or a two-way sign even? It’s still cool and my vote either way.

  88. The concept of an IPA that I could drink all day is attractive.

  89. It’s been said already … the two with the wagon look like New Belgium. The beautiful girl fits best with your current brand image.

  90. These are kind of poor guys. My vote would be back to the drawing board.

  91. I say go with the first label if the name of the beer is Two Track IPA (which to me is the better name). You would need to replace All Day IPA with just “IPA” at the bottom of the label, as the way it it now is confusing..(is it Two Track IPA or All Day IPA. The gal label is cool, but Two Track is a great name for a Michigan beer. If you don’t use it, some other Michigan brewery will!

  92. Tom

    As an avid canoeist/kayaker, I have to pick … the lady! (PS – Brett’s a doofus.) lol

  93. Sarah

    In going through all of these comments, I noticed many of you intelligent beer folk noticed that “IPA…Ale” is redundant, seeing as IPA stands for India Pale Ale. I want to clarify that the word “Ale” has to be spelled out on the label due to federal regulations. Yeah, we agree, it’s redundant. But it makes it legal–and that’s the only way we can get the beer out to all of you!

    Thanks for the feedback, everyone!

    –Sarah, Founders marketing assistant (and writer of this blog post)

    • Like ATM Machine or PIN Number?
      (“Automated Teller Machine Machine” / “Personal Identification Number Number”)

    • Sarah


  94. Darshan

    Two Track is cool but those two tracks are also known as ‘two leggers’ and I think ‘two legger IPA’ would have been really cool too. Love the graphic.

  95. As much as I like the Alphonse Mucha, the only thing I will ever be able to see when I look at that label is Petunia from Pete and Pete.

    (Maybe I’m the only one?)

  96. I just can’t go with the idea of driving and drinking in promotion of any product, so the girl wins by default.

  97. I think the “Two Track” is cool, but it does make me think of “Two Hearted”. Do we want that connection?

  98. Agree with Russ; My initial reaction is I don’t like the connotation of drinking & driving? I had to look through the posts to see I’m not the only one who drew that connection.

    Also I am a sucker for a knockout redhead (as a graphic designer, that label is fantastic!), but agree with Nelson, too. She’s too exotic for an “all day” session beer?

  99. Tim

    Didn’t scroll through the comments to see if someone mentioned this already, but um, isn’t the “Ale” at the bottom of the label redundant, redundant? “All Day India Pale Ale… Ale”? No matter what, can’t wait to try this one!

  100. #1 for Sure. Reminds me of my childhood vacations in Michigan. All Day IPA for those long summer days at the lake.

  101. The outdoor theme to the label begs for Founders to be served in cans. Don’t miss a chance to do better for your beer and the environment.

  102. Use the name Two Track, but take the yellow outline from All Day…on the font. Also lose the 2nd (redundant) “ale” at the bottom. Love it!!

  103. JIm

    I like the Gal. she looks a little like the Dry hopped lady on the Centenial IPA.I hope the beer is almost as Red as that head.

  104. With an ABV of 4.7, and the hop balance, I could sit on the back porch with a
    fine cigar, after a 10 mile run, and sip all day. All Day IPA is the logical choice.

  105. AB

    Well folks, these are all great labels and I really like the adventure side of it all BUT I can for see a few groups such as MADD having an issue with putting a vehicle on a beer label. What kind of message does that send? I know that you are running out of time and can’t really go back to the drawing boards on this one but if you could, perhaps you could have just put the canoe, a bicycle, fishing gear and/or other outdoors adventure equipment. I really love that angle for the new label. I had to vote for the chick label though. It does fall into line with out other beer labels too. See the Pale Ale, Porter and Devil Dancer for a few examples. Love you, hope you make the responsible decision!! ~ab

  106. You can’t drink all day unless you got an all day beer. Killer sez I’m gonna drink ” All Day”

  107. #2 All the way … don’t mind the one with the lady, but you have played that card before. Nothing better than heading to the lake, woods, park, or anywhere to drink beer all day. And, this label is unique … it would certainly stand out on the shelves … seen nothing like it.

  108. I am puzzled by votes for the truck. It does not seem to me that the truck should get any votes. It could be a cultural thing.

    The elegance of a woman on the label implies mystery and beauty. All day drinking ale with a beautiful woman or 4 wheeling with truck. I choose the woman. I already have a truck..

  109. I love both of the labels for the idea of Michigan camping, but I can hear the whiners now………”your label is saying that it’s okay to drink this beer and drive, it won’t effect you”………blah, blah, whine, snivel. Screw the whiners…… Two Track it is!!!!!

  110. Say Dave,It’s Tim from the smokehouse. I do like the two track, but find it may be considered endorsing driving two tracks and drinking beer. Although it is very popular in Northern MI. I find the girl eye catching which you want to achive in labeling, but also goes more in the line of Devil Dancer and somewhat Double Trouble. But in the end the car seems somewhat cartoonish and not consistant with the labels in your line up.
    Thanks! That is just my opinion!
    PS Looking forward to trying it and buying some for my store (please let me know if it is limited release)

  111. Zack

    I don’t care for the Wagoneer labels, nor do I really Ike the name all that much. I like label 3 but think a rename is a good idea. The name and the first two labels just don’t feel founders-ish to me.

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  113. I agree the labels with the cars remind me of New Belgium and i think the girl fits into your current labels. I was expecting a few more labels to choose from. I have tried this on tap and found it a great light IPA with a ton of flavor. Can i exchange my Endurance Ale glass for the new label design?

  114. Rodger

    If you are looking for a cool concept, the two track is great if you have only types of hops in use. If you want a beer you enjoy looking at in your hand, Go for the Red-haired lady with the tat.
    Let’s see, looking at the back end of a wagoneer or a red head looking over her shoulder at me?
    Was there ever really a question?

  115. tom

    None of these really float my boat (ahem), but I agree with those who don’t like the drinking/driving implications of the truck labels. Ditch the truck and keep the kayak and I’ll vote for 1.

  116. Didn’t look to see if it was suggested, but instead of “Two Track”, I was thinking “Are we there yet”. EOD IPA (End of the Day).

  117. Dear Founders:

    Really, really enjoy your product. I voted for the beautiful lady label, but what about naming your IPA “F-Bomb’ IPA with the beautiful lady? It’s that f’n good!

    If I went into a local watering establishment, it’s easy, “Give me a Founders F-Bomb.”

    F-Bomb on special – you could go a million different ways with the marketing.

    If you come out with an Amber “A-Bomb” etc. You get the idea.

    I enjoy both your standard IPA and Centennial. I’m out of Indy and will go and search to find Founders, it’s that Founders good.

    Damian “F-bomb” Freeze

    Founders is outstanding!

  118. I like the lady with India Pale Ale spelled out, but with the name: Endurance…

  119. I wish two track was the name on the label with the lady. rawr. still, all three are good choices.

  120. Put the tattoed lady behind the wheel of the Wagoneer. Now you have a label!

  121. Have to say that if you aren’t from Michigan 2-Track doesn’t mean the same thing. Can’t wait to start pouring the beer no matter what you name it!

  122. I really like all of them, but the lady just doesn’t seem like an all day IPA kind of look. I really like the Wagoneer and Canoe. Makes me think that I could take this beer camping with me and enjoy it at the camp.

    I think Two Track is catchy. I’ll go with that one. But I would suggest saying “Two Track” and under it have, “India Pale Ale” instead of repeating ale (most people who drink good beer know what an IPA is…)

  123. Jim

    While I like the first example and name (Two Track: All-day IPA), I think the third example fits more with your other label designs. But either way, please rethink using the word “ALE” in addition to “IPA”.

    India Pale Ale Ale… eeesh

    • Sarah

      We’ve responded to this point in an earlier comment but understand if you didn’t read through all of them–the word “Ale” has to be spelled out due to government regulations. “IPA” doesn’t cut it, even though the “A” does stand for “Ale”.

  124. Pretty sure you shouldn’t associate driving a car down a trail to beer…marketing 101: don’t promote risky behavior

  125. The art with the lady on it gets my vote!

  126. Nick

    The car label looks a little too New Belgiumy to me. Lady looks like she belongs on a Founder’s label, but not sure how “all day” and “sexy tattooed lady” fit together.

  127. Not a big fan of any of the labels really. None of them fit the Founders style IMO. Every label from Founders that is year-round production seems to feature a face, and these don’t give that feel. I’d like to see a everyday drinker like Archie Bunker on this one.

  128. It’s gotta be #1. Simple as that. I like the lady, but for another Founders beer.

  129. We sell a lot of Founders where I work and I think the “All Day IPA” is a winner of a name. People will order and remember that easy, just like “Double Trouble’ or ‘Dirty Bastard”.
    The label with the car though way to reminiscent of previous New Belgium labels. The “Lady” label represents and is consistent with Founders images from the past. Classy and unique but not distracting.

  130. TR

    Of the three labels offered, number 3 is the obvious choice for the simple reason that it’s consistent with the Founders brand.

  131. for the love of god please don’t call it two track. the woody wagon label is cool and all day ipa is better than two track. the art work on the other is awesome but does not fit the name. clearly there is one option here. be wise.

  132. Craig

    I agree with someones comment to offer it in cans. Sounds like a great beer for drinking all day on a river in a canoe or on the lake in a sailboat. Drinking on boats is safer when there is no broken glass!

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