Guard Dog


This is too fun not to share…


A dog lays on top of cases of Founders beer in a warehouse.


Ozim is the dog of Ben Robbins, who works at our Indiana distributor, Cavalier (based in Indianapolis). He’s protecting some fresh cases of Centennial IPA, which had just been delivered to their warehouse. “My two favorite things: Founders Centennial IPA and my dog,” Robbins says.

We say, “That sure is one smart guard dog.”

Thanks for sharing, Ben!

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2 Comments on “Guard Dog”
  1. Dude, Ozim is the new Spud McKenzie.

  2. Ya’ll gotta get a Magic Dave reunion- 10 yrs ago they used to blow away the tap room- Uncle Chris’, Andy-O and JB playin Santana, the Dead, Allmans and groovie acid fusion, miss those days / bring’m back Dave!!

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