CBS on the Bottling Line

Comin’ atcha…

The Founders Family, hard at work on the line!

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18 Comments on “CBS on the Bottling Line”
  1. yes yes YES!!!

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  3. I need to change my pants

    • Smizz

      Finally!!! Every time I try to sample this stuff the mongers tap out the keg.

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  5. I so badly want to buy a 6 pack of the Breakfast Stout to try! I saw an ad on a truck last Sept, and could not find it available in my city! I am North of Indianapolis (about an hour) If anyone can point me in a direction to make this purchase, I would totally appreciate it!!

    • Sarah

      Hi Laura,

      Please feel free to give our Indiana distributor a call for details on where you can find Breakfast Stout in your area: Cavalier, (317) 358-1970. And, as a heads up, Breakfast Stout comes in 4-packs rather than 6-packs (all of our seasonals and specialties are in 4-packs; only our year-rounds come in 6-packs).



    • Dennis


      We have it in the Fort Wayne area at S&V Liquors. I actually only tried it about 3 weeks ago and now I make sure I always have some on hand. It’s one of the best stouts I’ve ever had!

      Good luck!


  6. Deb

    Can we purchase the CBS at Founder’s or is it only available in store? Can’t wait!!!

  7. Anyone know who will be selling CBS in Saint Louis, MO?? I am desperate!!! 🙂

  8. andrew

    After moving to Charlotte, NC I have found a beverage store that carries some of your wonderful beers, but they claim they can’t get your wonderful limited releases and seasonal selections because “Founder’s just isn’t making enough to keep up with demand. People ask us for their stuff all the time, and we just can’t get our hands on on them before they run out” Is this true? Is there anything I can do? With much love- Andrew

    • Hey Andrew,
      I am in the Charlotte area too and didn’t get a bottle either. I do know however the two shops (not calling out names but you will know them) I goto got 12 bottles. The market of common and deli, presold theirs so you had no shot, and the place that rhymes with barleys sold to 12 personally selected individuals, and total wine had sharks circling so they sodl out in 5 mins.

  9. Deb

    Any idea how I can find out what retailers. I live in Holland and will be there tomorrow, but just in case we miss out.

  10. I called my local distributer today and he was told he was “not on the list” to receive CBS. I then called the regional distributer here in Northeast PA, Stockertown Beverage, and they wouldn’t even tell me who WAS on the list to try to get some. What’s a poor guy to do?

    • Sarah

      Unfortunately, it might be too late as the allocations may have already been sold out. Stockertown, and all of our distributors, have done what they could with the small amount of beer we were able to provide. We know we didn’t bottle enough to meet demand. We wish we could make more of this beer, too, but we’re still a small brewery AND we brewed this beer a year ago (it ages in caves beneath GR for a year), when we had even less capacity. We’re all looking forward to 2012, when we’ll be able to get our specialty beers into the hands of more people–in fact, our new brewhouse is going to start cranking next week and will more than triple our capacity with the first turn.

  11. Hi, I am currently living in Washington, D.C. and am relatively new to the area, I have heard wonderful things about the CBS and was hoping to find a 4 pack or 750ml… I am not picky just hoping for a taste, any chance you can point me in the right direction?

    • Sarah

      Hi Mike! It might be a bit too late to find a bottle of CBS, but you can call our distributor in the DC area for information about finding bottles or even finding it on tap at a bar (your chances might be better with the latter): Hop & Wine, (703) 421-2337.

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