Canadian Breakfast Stout: Taproom Release Information Announced


Grand Rapids, Michigan, September 1, 2011—Founders Brewing Co. Vice President/Director of Marketing Dave Engbers announced last month that the highly anticipated Canadian Breakfast Stout (CBS) will be the second release in the company’s 750mL “Backstage Series”. It will be released to the market on October 3, 2011, with a taproom release party on October 1.

The taproom release at 235 Grandville Ave SE in downtown Grand Rapids will begin at 11 a.m. on October 1. There will be about 1700 bottles available for purchase at $18 each. A strict limit of two (2) bottles per person will apply, and all bottles will be available on a first-come, first-served basis. Because a line is expected to form before 11 a.m., numbers will be handed out so that the line can remain intact once the taproom doors open. CBS will be featured on draft, and CBS merchandise will be available in the Founders company store, which is on the north end of the taproom. As with all Founders specialty products, growler fills will not be available for CBS.

There has been a great deal of anticipation and speculation regarding the upcoming release after the success of Blushing Monk, the series’ debut, earlier this year. Canadian Breakfast Stout is the epitome of why Founders launched the Backstage Series: it brings some of the brewery’s most sought-after beers, which have been available primarily at the taproom or at a few select events, to a much larger audience.

Canadian Breakfast Stout is an Imperial Stout brewed with a blend of coffees and imported chocolates, then aged in spent bourbon barrels that have most recently been aging pure Michigan maple syrup. The final product has had stellar reviews and is currently the fifth highest rated beer in the world on

“Releasing small specialty batches is a great way for us to connect to our core beer enthusiast,” Engbers explains. “Fundamentally, we are a small brewery, and we love to do things our own way. This isn’t about flooding the shelves with a beer that we hope people will try; it’s about producing the best damn beer we can brew and offering it to those enthusiasts who have supported our passion for great beer.”

The company is not revealing any additional releases in the series, but Engbers says they will consist of many of the “popular one-offs” that have been offered in the taproom over the years and have become favorites among patrons and brewery staff. “I think part of what people love about Founders, besides our beer, is that we listen to what they are saying,” says President Mike Stevens. “With our new line, now we can offer them more of what they’ve been asking for.”

The company expects to release one more product in the 2011 Backstage Series later this year.

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14 Comments on “Canadian Breakfast Stout: Taproom Release Information Announced”
  1. Rico

    Thieves! Only us Canadians can make fun of the RCMP.

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  3. Quality information, sweet webpage design and style, continue the good work

  4. Please Founders People, please make a poster of this CBS design! I’m a big horse person and craft beer/Founders lover so I’m really crazy about it! I’d buy a shirt of it too. Please?

    • Sarah

      Hi Mimi,

      We will have shirts and glassware for the release in the taproom–and perhaps more! We’ll keep you all posted here AND on our gear website: http:///.


  5. Does the ticket guarantee the opportunity to purchase 2 bottles of CBS? If so, once the people in line receive a ticket, will they be able to depart the line and wander about town/Founders until 11a?

    • Sarah

      Hi Ethan,

      To reduce on confusion and congestion once the doors open at 11am, we will NOT be handing out tickets that allow people to leave. However, we WILL be handing out numbered tickets before we open to keep the integrity of the line in order.

      So you won’t be able to leave the line–and we don’t open until 11, so you wouldn’t be able to wander around the taproom until after you went through the line regardless.

      Thanks for the question in advance–we want to this release to be fun as possible (we think that we have a pretty good success rate on delivering with that, but we’re biased), which requires a certain level of organization.

      See you on October 1! Cheers!

    • ethan

      Thank you for getting back to me Sarah. Are you at liberty to say at what time Founders will start handing out tickets?

  6. CJ

    Hey, guys! Love your beer. Will this be available in the Chicago area or only locally in GR? I wasn’t sure what the “market” meant exactly in this case. Thanks for the great brew!

    • Sarah

      The market = where we distribute our beer. So yes, it will be available in Chicago, but in very limited quantities.

  7. Will this be shipped out to your markets? I’m in PA & can’t make it to the taproom.

    • Sarah

      At the bottom of the post, after the “tagged” list, but above these comments.

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