Better Half Is the Next Beer in Our Backstage Series



Grand Rapids, Michigan, December 14, 2011 — Founders Brewing Co.’s Co-Founder and Vice President of Marketing, Dave Engbers, announced today that Curmudgeon’s Better Half would be the next release in the brewery’s 750mL Backstage Series, with availability beginning on February 13, 2012, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

There has been a great deal of anticipation and speculation on the upcoming Backstage release because of the success of the first two large bottle format releases: Blushing Monk and Canadian Breakfast Stout earlier in 2011. The purpose of the series is to bring some of Founders’ most sought after beers, which had previously been available primarily at the brewery taproom or at a few select events, to a much larger audience.

“It’s been a lot of fun to watch the beer enthusiasts speculate,” explains Founders’ President, Mike Stevens. “We really try to keep people guessing, but at the end of the day our focus has always been on making beers that over-deliver.”

Curmudgeon’s Better Half is a re-branding of the beer formerly known as Kaiser’s Curmudgeon, which has only been served at Founders’ taproom and in extremely limited draft distribution. Curmudgeon is an old ale brewed with molasses and aged on oak; it becomes Better Half after aging—for 254 days—in bourbon barrels that have more recently been aging Michigan maple syrup. As a result, Curmudgeon’s Better Half is a bit sweeter than her miserly counterpart. Appropriately, the beer label depicts her holding a pitcher of syrup for the Curmudgeon’s breakfast, and is released at the perfect time of year for you to buy one for the Better Half in your life.

“The goal of the Backstage Series is to allow those beer enthusiasts who don’t have the ability to make it to our taproom an opportunity to experience some of the beers that, historically, have been limited to our taproom and a handful of high exposure events,” Engbers said. “Although these beers are not brewed in large volume, it is our intention to distribute them to all of our markets.”

The company is not revealing any additional releases in the series, but Engbers said it would consist of many of the “popular one-offs and possible big experiments” that have been offered in the taproom over the years and have become favorites among patrons and brewery staff.

The company expects to release two additional products in the Backstage Series later in 2012.

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15 Comments on “Better Half Is the Next Beer in Our Backstage Series”
  1. So why the rename? Bob Kaiser will be sad now 🙁

    • Sarah

      Bob Kaiser’s OK with it–I just asked him. He says now it’s named after his wife 🙂

    • Ha! That’s great. Well, it will remain Kaiser Curmudgeon in my heart.

      (And stomach.)

  2. Justin

    What day will the bottle release day be at the brewer?

    • Sarah

      Better Half will also be released at the taproom on Monday, February 13, when our taproom opens (11am).

  3. We own a small store in Jackson County, will we be able to get it from our distributor, Rave?

    • Sarah

      We cannot allocate beer directly to retail, but we do distribute through Rave, so your Rave sales rep would be the one to contact. Cheers!

  4. jim

    Just wondering what happens with the maple syrup that ages in all those bourbon barrels you guys use?

    • Sarah

      The folks at Blis sell it!

  5. Will this be released in large bottles? Is there a limit to how many people can buy in the taproom?

    • Sarah

      Yes, this beer will be in 750mL bottles and there will be a 2 bottle limit for the taproom release. Cheers!

  6. Mike

    I plan on driving up from Chicago, but haven’t been to a Founders release before. Will there be a limit to what one can buy? Or will tickets be released? I would like to avoid driving all thevway up and not get any beer! Thanks.

    • Sarah

      There will be a limit of two bottles per person, and we run our releases using a first-come, first-served method. If there is an extended line outside before we open (at 11am) we will give out numbered tickets to those in line so the integrity of the line’s order will be maintained once the doors open. Hope to see you here in GR in February! Cheers!

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