750mL Bottles To Be Released This Year

As was announced in this MLive article, we are planning to release specialty beers in a 750mL bottle format later this year. Our new packaging line allows us to use this new bottle size—and we’re excited to be able to distribute some of our limited release beers, which were previously only available in kegs and almost exclusively in our taproom, in bottle form for more to sample.

We’re not ready to announce what our first few releases will be yet, but only a couple have been confirmed. That being said, if you’d like to share what beer you think we should offer in a 750 in the comments, know that we WILL read it—though we’re not making any guarantees.

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32 Comments on “750mL Bottles To Be Released This Year”
  1. Abram

    I know I’m not alone in saying I would LOVE to see CBS bottled. I’ve been trying to catch it on tap for the last few years but keep missing it…

    Also, though, I hope you don’t move any of your current bottled beers (like KBS, for example) into 750s. One of my favorite thing about Founders (besides the great beer) is that all your amazing beers are available in 12 oz bottles for reasonable prices. I’d be happy to buy 750s of beers which otherwise wouldn’t ever be bottled, but here’s a vote for the 12oz as the preferable format.


  2. KBS, that all I have to say about this

  3. I will say Deca, Blushing Monk and Black Biscuit. As much as I want CBS and Kaiser Curmudgeon in a bottle, there’s no way you have enough of the maple bourbon barrels to satisfy demand.

    I also agree with Abram that 12oz bottles are preferable but I will still buy some sexy 750ml bottles.

    Keep up the excellent work Founders, CHEERS!

  4. Oh and some sort of Wheatwine, Nemesis 2009 was fantastic

  5. Cbs and black biscuit please!

  6. Marcus Owens

    Honestly, I think KBS is big enough to share a 12oz’er at times, so I’d vote for maybe getting into 750 some of your smaller releases that don’t make it to markets like GA?

  7. You MUST bottle Kaiser Curmedgeon. A very close second is the Sumantra Mountain Brown. Both are incredible beers.

    CBS would be great too, but I’m not into giving up first borns for a bottle (a la 2011 KBS bottle release).

  8. CBC, Black Biscuit, and Kaiser Curmudgeon would get my vote! Thanks for all the beautiful beers you guys keep on making!

  9. I would love to see barrel aged versions of popular beers like Cerise and Double Trouble. And if you would be so kind to finally release CBS, I have had it once and now I long for a reunion.

  10. This is a fantastic idea!

    I agree that the CBS would be great.

    I also thought Looking Glass was fabulous. The sweetness of brandy and the added alcohol warmth complimented well the assertive bitterness and the juicy citrus hops flavor and aroma of Double Trouble.

    Keep doing what you’re doing!

  11. Alex

    CBS! I’m in MO and have never had the luck to get ahold of it. Limited 750ML release would be the perfect delivery method.

    And I’ll vote against no KBS or others for 750’s. I’d love to age out a few 750’s of anything age-able, be it the Imperial Stout, KBS, etc. I don’t see a real reason to move beer I wouldn’t age from 12oz’ers to 750’s, though.

  12. I agree with Abram in that I think it’d be great to see 750s of smaller batches and the likes of which don’t normally see the inside of a bottle. A jumbo version of a beer I might could already have purchased don’t thrill me none too much. Although I reckon a 750 of a Backwoods Bastard would be my personal hope should you find yourself going that route.

  13. ****Hand of Doom
    ****Rye Whiskey Aged Porter
    ****Barrel Aged Red’s Rye
    ****Frangelic Stout!! (Although I can’t comment on how it is with CO2)
    ****Newaygo County Cherry
    Misty Mountain Hop Brown
    Dumbohead Wheat
    Barrel Aged Imperial Stout

    And, of course:
    Black Biscuit
    Kaiser Curmudgeon

  14. Also: (These would have to be priced lower)
    Special Agent IPA
    Tropical IPA
    Founders Fest Wheat

  15. Ben

    Black Biscuit and the Canadian version of your kbs! Would be awesome!

  16. Robert

    Looking Glass or Kaiser Curmudgeon would be nuts!

  17. Sean

    I’d definitely buy up any taproom exclusives you guys release, but if CBS and Blushing Monks is available I’d be especially interested. I love the 12oz 4 packs and your entire lineup works perfectly with them, but adding a 750 of something really special every now and then sounds amazing. Hopefully these 750s will be relatively easy to track down at least one bottle of. I think a lot of people that were limited to a single 12oz of KBS were feeling a wee bit unfulfilled (as much as you could be with KBS, which isn’t much). However a single 750 of CBS or Blushing Monk or Black Biscuit will make a lot of people happy. Either way keep up the good work, you guys are doing a lot right over there in Grand Rapids!

  18. Hank

    Homegrown Spite, mild and/or wild!

    And yes, I’d love to see CBS too.

  19. CBS!

  20. Spite Pepper Pale, FOR SURE!! I like the beer, but my dad and several friends LOVE it. They have turned others onto it who always hope it is on tap when visiting Founders (which it has not been lately).

  21. cbs, kbs,backwoods bastard, 2009 nemesis (that beer is worth reproducing)

  22. Johnnie


    Satisfy me.

  23. Keegan Daniel

    Oatmeal Stout….

  24. Black Biscuit PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Definitely Looking Glass and Festtival Wheat please!

  26. Lee Seitz

    I vote for a new line of sours/wilds with Brett!

  27. As a Michigander and after 22 years of traveling while in the Navy I’m back in the Midwest and happy to say so. I’ve recently discovered the glory that is Founders and have to say that anything you put in a 750 would be great, as a homebrewer I perfer them. I think my top three would be Nemesis, Double Trouble and Old Curmudgean. That being said, I havnt tried some of the others mentioned so the more the better. Thanks and keep up the great work.

  28. Ray

    Any hints from the Founders guys/gals as to where you’re leaning? Living in NY, I’ve never had anything other than the bottles, and I had to drive into NJ for them. My faves ARE Backwoods Bastard, Nemesis 2009 (Arguably the greatest beer ever made!), and KBS.

  29. CBS , newago co cherry and hand of doom 🙂

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