Expansion: Part III

Walls and the beginnings of a roof as part of the Founders expansion.

We are extremely excited to see a roof beginning to form on our new facility! And, as Mike Stevens commented on our last post, we are scheduled to complete construction on the manufacturing side by December 15. Come cheer these men and women along because the sooner it gets completed, the sooner we can start brewing more beer!

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2 Comments on “Expansion: Part III”
  1. Dan

    Congratulations on the expansion, Founders! It’s been an incredible journey watching your business grow in Grand Rapids – thanks for staying true to your local, Grand Rapids roots!

  2. I am yelling from NJ for them to finish! We need more ASAP! We got beat this year on kegs of FBS! Happy I have 3, but the drive twice to PA was not fun! Thanks for the amazing beers!

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