Curmudgeon and Endurance Win Silver at GABF!

Mike, Jeremy, Jason, and Kyle are back in the brewery today after their trip to Denver for the Great American Beer Festival—and they brought two silver medals with them!

We are honored that, out of 3,523 beers entered into the competition, two of our very own were selected as winners. Curmudgeon Old Ale won second place in the Old Ale or Strong Ale category and Endurance won second in the Session Beer category.

A Curmudgeon four pack with one bottle pulled out, against a wooden background, with the text "Curmudgeon Old Ale Wins Silver at GABF"

Endurance Ale was brewed for the first time earlier this year and is currently only available in our taproom. It’s an American IPA Jr. dry-hopped with a combination of Simcoe, Citra, and Amarillo hops.

Click here for the full list of GABF winners. And check out this press release for more information about the competition.

If you have any photos of Founders from GABF, we’d love to see them added to our Flickr pool! You just might win $50 of Founders gear…

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1 Comment on “Curmudgeon and Endurance Win Silver at GABF!”
  1. New strong ale suggestion: Founders Dirty Bastard with Benedictine. Call it Sinners & Saints (S&S). Take-off on Benedictine and Brandy (B&B). I have no claim on the idea and do not know the ideal ratio for the main ingredients. Good luck.

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