Our Detroit taproom taplist brings some of your Founders favorites together with Motown-only offerings.

PLEASE NOTE: All beers with an asterisk (*) are available exclusively at the Detroit taproom.

Tap selection subject to availability. Please call 313.335.3440 to confirm.

Detroit taproom as of April 18th at 10:36 am:

Class 1

  • All Day IPA 4.7 %
    Session IPA
  • Centennial IPA 7.2 %
    Our flagship single IPA brewed with Centennial hops
  • Dirty Bastard 8.5 %
    Scotch-style Ale, malt forward
  • Dry-Hopped Pale Ale 5.6 %
    Our Classic Pale returns! A long-time favorite of our Cellar team, this version is brewed with Golden Promise, Crystal, and Munich malts and hopped with Cascade and Centennial hops.
  • *El Rey Dorado 6.13 %
    This traditional German style lager was brewed with German malts to provide a bready sweetness. El Dorado hops were used in the brewing process as well as used in a light dry hop to provide citrus, pear, and lifesaver candy type undertones.
  • *Gluten Lite Pale Ale 5.8 %
    Brewed for those looking for a malt beverage with reduced gluten. A product called Brewers Clarex... it's science.
  • Nitro Oatmeal Stout 4.5 %
    Stout brewed with Oats on Nitro
  • Party Stout 7.6 %
    It's a party in the mash tun and all of the malts are invited! This full-bodied stout is brewed with 4 varieties of roasted black malts, Rye, Wheat, Corn, and Flaked Oats. The resulting beer showcases a complex flavor and rich mouthfeel.
  • Porter 6.5 %
    Roasty, robust, full-flavored Porter
  • Solid Gold 4.4 %
    Light, easy going, deliciously simple

Class 2

  • Breakfast Stout 8.3 %
    An Imperial Stout brewed with chocolate and coffee
  • Green Zebra 4.6 %
    Watermelon Gose
  • *Kubaba's Reign IPA 7.9 %
    Named for the ancient Sumerian Queen and tavern owner, "Kubaba's Reign IPA" was developed and brewed by an in-house team of women in celebration of International Women's Day. Featuring 5 different varieties of hops this IPA has lovely citrus and passionfruit notes.
  • Nitro Rubaeus 5.7 %
    The creamy, nitro version of our Raspberry Ale!
  • *Nitro White Stout 7 %
    The idea for this beer came from Mug Club Member Alyssa Kirkopoulos! Nitro White Stout pours gold with a white head. Guatemalan coffee was hand picked and roasted by our friends at The Great Lakes Coffee Company which imparts rich aromas of chocolate and cocoa. An aging on vanilla beans and cocoa nibs compliment the coffee, and provide more vanilla and cocoa flavors and aromas. Lactose sugar was used in the brewing process to lend a smooth and sweet finish.
  • Rubaeus 5.7 %
    Tart and refreshing Raspberry Ale.

Class 3

  • 12 Feet Under 14.3 %
    A blend of multiple IPA's, this baby was barreled and dry hopped TWICE. Extra oaky, sweet and sultry.
  • Backwoods Bastard 11 %
    Our Scotch-style ale, aged in bourbon barrels
  • Barrel-aged Black Barley Wine 11.7 %
    A Barley wine brewed with black malts for a deep, dark color, hopped with Nugget and Magnum hops, and then aged in spent bourbon barrels for a year.
  • Blushing Monk 2019 9.2 %
    Brewed with a ridiculous amount of raspberries for tart yet luscious raspberry-jam character and fermented with Belgian yeast for subtle fruit and spice esters.
  • Curmudgeon's Better Half 12.7 %
    Our Old Ale (brewed with Molasses and Oak chips) tamed by the tender embrace of oak and sweet maple infused from a years' stay in Maple Syrup Bourbon Barrels. The result is deceptively smooth and utterly delicious!

Class 4

  • KBS 12.2 %
    An imperial stout brewed with a massive amount of coffee and chocolates, then cave-aged in oak bourbon barrels for an entire year to make sure wonderful bourbon undertones come through in the finish. Delightful.
  • KBS 2018 12.3 %
    The vintage, 2018 version of our famed Bourbon Barrel-aged Imperial Chocolate Coffee Stout. The Legend that put our Barrel-aging program on the map.

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