We believe in living life without regret. It’s how we’ve built our brewery. And, for 20 years, it’s been our mission to encourage others to live the same way.

In celebration of our 20th anniversary, we partnered with artists around the world to bring to life some of the moments in our history that best capture our regret nothing, “brewed for us” mentality.

Explore our Zero Regrets Artist Series below.

Artwork with wheat and brewing tap

Chasing a Dream

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Artwork with men working on a beer bottling line

Whatever It Takes

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Filterless logo artwork

Tough Decisions

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Artwork of a mountain scene with a waterfall and trees with a Founders beer

Following Instincts

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Artwork with tools, hops, berries, oranges, and barrels

Embracing Innovation

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Artwork of the outside of Founders Taproom

Staying True

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Drawing of people inside of Founders Taproom with a band playing in the background

Bringing People Together

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Founders 20 year anniversary logo

Zero Regrets

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