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Introducing Mas Agave Premium Hard Seltzer!

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The Outside of the Founders taproom in Grand Rapids

Grand Rapids

Outside view of the Founders Detroit taproom



Mas Agave Premium Hard Seltzer

Now available nationwide!

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Mas Agave Premium Hard Seltzer cans in front of a 15-pack

Highball Drifter

The second entry in the Bottle Shop Series - coming soon!

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Bottle on barrel with orange peel and cherry

All Day Vacay

Now Available!

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all day vacay can on a 15-pack in front of pine trees

Mas Agave Clasica Prickly Pear

Now Available!

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Mas Agave Prickly Pear snifter with bottle and cacti and barrels

Taprooms Open For Dine-In/Curbside To Go

Curbside and walk-in service available!

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Outside image of Founder's building

Unraveled IPA

Now available!

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Cans of Founders Unraveled IPA

The Mothership Series #18: Blueberry Braggot

Available Now!

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blueberry braggot announce 2021


Supporting MI based artist!

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Collage of a couple dogs, earrings, coffee, desserts all crafted in Michigan


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