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Founders Letterpress Poster

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We have 190 one-of-a-kind Founders letterpress posters, available for a limited time. Each poster was hand struck, one at a time, by a team of three operators/artists, and has been printed on 100% Cotton, 140# Archival Legion Revere, standard white paper. The press used was a Vandercook 219AB Proof Press (1950s era) with an adjustable bed; it was originally owned by the Detroit Society of Arts and is still housed in downtown Detroit. The ink is a Van Son Letterpress ink, Rubber Based plus. Owosso Graphics in Owosso, Michigan, made the plate. Due to the complexity of the project, the printing plate was created using an acidic etching onto a solid magnesium plate. From there, this magnesium plate was mounted onto a 1″ thick wood base and prepped for striking.

The letterpress process is becoming a lost art. It requires a great sense of design, a high degree of craftsmanship and a strong eye for detail. Handmade letterpress prints are collectible (and they look great in a home bar). These prints deserved to be framed with a thick wooden black frame or an ornate vintage silver frame and hung on the wall where they can be viewed with a refrigerator full of Founders within arms reach–just reading this poster will make you thirsty.

Measures 17 x 22″

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