Founders Brewing Company participates in a ton of cool events and happenings in the community, and while we would like to get involved with everything, sometimes we just can’t and have to say “no thanks”.

Here’s the info we’ll need to consider your request:


If there is an event involved, please contact us with as much time prior to the event as possible. Thirty to sixty days is usually adequate. Larger events often require more time.


For legal reasons we can only consider events in the states we’re located. (MI, IL, WI, MN, OH, IN, KY, PA, NC & SC, NJ, MA, VA/DC, MO, NY, GA)

Description / Branding

Tell us why your event or cause fits what Founders is all about. We’re an eclectic, fun company, and those are the kinds of events that we want to be a part of.

Teams / Individual Athletes

Give us a short summary of your crew and why we’re a good fit.

**If your event fits these guidelines, shoot us an email with the above info. Please type in your message heading: REQUEST FOR SPONSORSHIP. We can then review it, and we try to get back to you within two weeks.


Legally, we can’t really donate beer. But there are other ways we can participate. We’re a creative bunch and we always find ways to help a worthy cause. Two things first: You must be a not-profit and have a Tax ID. If you have both of those see above for consideration needs and send us an email entitled: REQUEST FOR DONATION. We can then review it, and we’ll get back to you as quickly as we can.