Breakfast Stout Recipes and Pairings

Our Breakfast Stout has been quite the hit lately with foodies. We’ve compiled a few of the recent articles that mention it as an ingredient in a recipe or as a perfect pairing. All of these would work well for a holiday get together.

Breakfast Stout in a snifter

Please share your Breakfast Stout recipe and/or pairing in the comments!


Our New Mash/Lauter Tun

Mash/Lauter Ton

Check out our new mash/lauter tun! This photo is from the day it was delivered to our production facility.

For those of you who don’t know, a mash/lauter tun is where the malted barley and water are incorporated and the starch converts to fermentable sugars. Our spent grain then goes to a farmer to use as feed for his livestock.

Our expansion is moving along swiftly, so check back for more photos of our new equipment!


The Talented Founders Family

We’re proud of the beer that we brew. And part of what makes it so special are the people that brew it, package it, serve it, make food to go with it, etc.

OK, that sounded like a Hallmark card. But really, the people who work here are pretty sweet. Did you know that Jarrod Napierkowski, taproom manager, built all of the tables in our taproom? Or that Mike Dorich, taproom manager, and Nathan Mabie, deli guru, entered their work in ArtPrize this year? We also have the makings of a spa: a resident hairstylist and a massage therapist.

The FBC All Stars singing on stage at Founders Fest 2010

Perhaps the one out-of-work activity that dominates the free time of most of our employees, however, is music. That’s why the FBC All-Stars (an all-Founders-employee supergroup, pictured above) was enlisted to play at Founders Fest this year. Here are some of the local acts that include at least one member of the Founders Family:



Nicholas James Thomasma

Ultraviolet Hippopotamus

Chance Jones

Mark Lavengood (“Huggy Bear” moved to Chicago, but he’s still part of the family)

The Total Blam Blams

In fact, Nicholas James Thomasma just announced that he’s releasing a new album, Lone Star in the Northern Sky, on December 1.

Many of these acts play in our taproom (in case you didn’t know, we host live music every Thursday and Saturday) and at other local venues.

Check them out, and let us know what you think in the comments!


Flickr Photo Contest Finalists

We have chosen the finalists for our Flickr photo contest! You can vote for your favorite by “liking” it in our finalists’ Facebook photo album. Votes will be tallied at 5pm on October 26‚Äîthe photographer whose photo has the most votes will win $50 of Founders gear, and the runner up will win $20 of gear.

Here’s one sample entry:

A bottle of Centennial IPA is held in the foreground. A group sits around a bonfire in the background.

Camping with IPA by DanSocie


Expansion Begins!

Our employees and local customers are sacrificing our parking lot in the name of producing more amazing beer!

A crane sitting atop piles of dirt and using its giant claw to dig more holes and move more dirt around, in what used to be our parking lot.

Yes, that crane and giant fenced-off area represents the first stages of our expansion. We are thrilled that more people are finding out about our beer and demanding it at their local restaurants, bars, and stores‚Äîit‚Äôs happening so much, in fact, that we can‚Äôt make enough beer with our current production facility! That‚Äôs why we decided to expand. By early 2011, we’ll have enough equipment in production to double our brewing capacity and enough space to potentially quadruple our capacity in the future.

We’ll keep you updated with more photos and news as the expansion progresses. Oh, and don’t worry, our current facility won’t be affected by the expansion—we’ll still be able to brew!


Curmudgeon and Endurance Win Silver at GABF!

Mike, Jeremy, Jason, and Kyle are back in the brewery today after their trip to Denver for the Great American Beer Festival—and they brought two silver medals with them!

We are honored that, out of 3,523 beers entered into the competition, two of our very own were selected as winners. Curmudgeon Old Ale won second place in the Old Ale or Strong Ale category and Endurance won second in the Session Beer category.

A Curmudgeon four pack with one bottle pulled out, against a wooden background, with the text "Curmudgeon Old Ale Wins Silver at GABF"

Endurance Ale was brewed for the first time earlier this year and is currently only available in our taproom. It’s an American IPA Jr. dry-hopped with a combination of Simcoe, Citra, and Amarillo hops.

Click here for the full list of GABF winners. And check out this press release for more information about the competition.

If you have any photos of Founders from GABF, we’d love to see them added to our Flickr pool! You just might win $50 of Founders gear…


Website Problems

A laptop that is on fire and has the phrase "don't panic" on the screen.

Maybe our computers weren’t on fire this morning, but we were experiencing some technical difficulties. Sorry if you had problems accessing our site. We upgraded our server because we’ve had more traffic than we were used to‚Äîso thanks for checking us out! Everything should be in order now. Have a great weekend, and we hope that you’re able to enjoy some craft beer wherever you are.

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