We’re Headed West: To Arizona

We’re headed west! We’re expanding our distribution territory to include the Grand Canyon State, with Hensley & Company slated to represent our brand across the entire state of Arizona beginning in April.


“Arizona is our first truly western state of distribution,” said Co-Founder and CEO Mike Stevens. “There are a lot of Michigan natives in Arizona, and it’s a state with a developing craft beer scene, so it made sense for us to open it this spring.”

Residents of Arizona can expect to find our year-round and seasonal products, both in bottles and on draft, in the first shipment. The launch is set for the week of April 21. Specialty releases will follow our release schedule from there.

To recap, we’re opening five new states in April, including Oklahoma, Tennessee, Arkansas and Louisiana in addition to Arizona, bringing our total distribution footprint to 32 states. Here’s our updated distribution map:



28 thoughts on “We’re Headed West: To Arizona”

  1. AZ is VERY excited about this. This is some of the best news we have had in the craft beer scene. See you soon!

  2. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! For bringing your great brews to Arizona! Been waiting a long time!

  3. I’m glad to see “the entire state” as we love Founders in Tucson! I was just considering driving to Texas to pick some up, so I’m glad to save the gas money for beer money.

  4. You’re making alot of Midwesterners very happy out here! We’ll be pouring whatever we can get our hands on at Boulders on Broadway in Tempe from open til close on Wednesday 4/23.

    • Love to hear that, Rob! Thanks for the support. We’re looking forward to getting our beer to AZ!

    • Thank you Sarah! We’ve heard availability of year-round and seasonals right away. Your calendar shows Curmudgeon and KBS being out about now – any chance of those making their way to AZ for launch?

    • Maybe very small amounts of KBS. Curmudgeon should make it at some point, though perhaps not in the first shipment.

  5. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! That is phenomenal news! Moved to AZ from Grand Rapids almost 2 yrs ago, and I’ve missed Founders so very much!

  6. Great news! Can’t wait to try your beer. Known about it for a while and heard/read nothing but good things. Hopefully just in time for some KBS. Cheers!

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