Help Us Choose a Pure Michigan Beer Style for the Taproom in July

Head over to the Pure Michigan blog to vote for a Pure Michigan beer that we’ll pour in our taproom during the month of July to celebrate Michigan Craft Beer Month. Now through Friday, May 3, you can vote on the beer style that you want to see available in our taproom: Vanilla Stout, Apple Ale or Wheat IPA. We haven’t brewed these beers before, and we’ll be ordering ingredients and brewing based on what all of you choose. Vote here!


2 thoughts on “Help Us Choose a Pure Michigan Beer Style for the Taproom in July”

  1. Hey, my all-time favorite from Founder’s is not on the “Pure Michigan” voting list. Aside from myself, several other cronies of mine have now also been indoctrinated to “Dirty Bastard” ale, I was hoping to put in a plug for this nectar of the gods. Just wanted you to know that there is no other brew in our fridge than Dirty Bastard the past 3 years. This brew is right down my alley, the best I’ve drank in my 73 yrs on this beautiful blue dot in space. Several watering holes I frequent didn’t have it in stock, but they do now after hearing me being so disappointed.
    Keep up the good work!

    • Thanks for the support, Jim! We always love hearing from a Dirty Bastard fan. The point of this contest is to brew an entirely new beer for Michigan Craft Beer Month in July–don’t worry, we always have Dirty Bastard on tap. Cheers!

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