Founders Texas Launch Locations

We are excited to announce that the following locations will be tapping the first kegs of Founders beer to be poured in Texas during the week of April 8 (grouped by metro area):

First Founders Kegs Shipping to Texas on 3/27/13 with Centennial IPA in front

The first Founders kegs shipping to Texas on 3/27/13 with Centennial IPA in front



San Antonio




Fort Worth






Please note that more bars and restaurants in Texas may add Founders beer to their lineups after the launch. These are simply the first confirmed retailers to carry our beer. Also, bottled beer will be coming to Texas in a month or so.


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    • We can and do take care of our Michigan customers. If you’re a customer having an issue, please email us and we’ll work through it together: info AT foundersbrewing DOT com.

    • Our distributor partner, Ben E. Keith, does cover El Paso. They are best able to answer your questions about distribution in your area–please feel free to give them a call at (214) 634-1500. Cheers!

    • Double Trouble is our May-June specialty release this year, so there’s a chance. Stay tuned!

  1. Oh, this is wonderful. Please tell me we’ll get some Curmudgeon!!! I don’t care if it’s draft or bottled — I’d burn cities to the ground for some fresh Curmudgeon. I’m not even going to ask about the KBS, but that gorgeous Old Ale of yours would do.

    I’m at a loss for words as to how happy I am that Founders finally made it to Texas. You guys are the best. If you’d asked me, one year ago, which brewery I wanted to have in our state, I wouldn’t have said De Struise or Bell’s or Westvleteren or Russian River (though I really like them all). I would have said Founders.

    • Thanks for the kind words, Andres. We’re excited to get our beer to Texas for the first time. We did send a very small amount of Curmudgeon Old Ale to Texas, so be on the lookout.

    • So pumped you are coming here! This state needs some solid breweries like yours. I’m from PA and have been spoiled. Texas is very restrictive on bringing new labels/companies in. Best of luck.

  2. I excitedly headed to Mellow Mushroom in Denton today only to discover they had no idea what I was talking about when I mentioned Founders. Any news on this front?

    • It sounds like they will be getting our beer soon, but weren’t able to get it this week. Sorry for the inconvenience–we always recommend calling ahead to retailers just in case. We appreciate your support and your efforts to welcome us into Texas!

  3. Hello, I’m not sure if you’re gluten free. Anyway, we live in a Houston suburb & was wondering if you have a list of places north of the city, say the Navasota area? Thanks very much & have a great day.

    Best regards

    • Hi Patti–Our beers are not gluten free. And we ask that you call our distributor partner, Ben E. Keith, for more information on where to find our beer in your neighborhood: (214) 634-1500. Cheers!

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