Opening Day at Slows BBQ in Detroit/Corktown

Slows BBQ in Detroit, Michigan, is throwing their annual Tigers Opening Day Celebration, and it wouldn’t be opening day without some great BBQ and some great Founders!

We will be traveling over to celebrate the day with our friends at Slows and root the Tigers on to victory!

Opening Day Beer List:
Bottles: Mango Magnifico, Sweet Repute (yum), Doom

Draft at 10am: Backwoods Bastard, Dirty Bastard, Pale Ale, Red’s Rye IPA
Draft at 11am: Smoked Porter, Barrel Aged Red’s Rye IPA

For more info, hit up the Slows event page.

Go Beer! Go Slows! LET’S GO TIGERS!!

See you there bright and early.