Founders All Star Road Show Philadelphia 2014 at World Cafe Live

“All-Star” refers to both the draft lineup and the FBC All-Stars, the official brewery band, who will be playing a live show on June 1, at World Cafe Live.

The All-Star draft lineup for the Road Show will include some of Founders specialty and Backstage Series releases and more.

Meet co-founders Mike Stevens, Dave Engbers & their crew of over 30 that will be joining them.

Workout will open the night followed by the FBC All-Stars—a super group made up of the brewery’s finest musicians (including brewers, production planning manager, shipping manager, deli manager, taproom manager, bartenders and servers)—for an entertaining evening of music and beer.

Tickets are $10/ea with a portion of the proceeds being donated to Live Connections. Get your tickets here: