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"Craft Beer Enthusiasts are the adventurers."

Dave Engbers


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  • Dark Penance

    An Imperial Black IPA and the newest addition to our lineup of world-class IPAs, Dark Penance is available through December this year.

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  • Hop Harvest 2014

    Every year during the hop harvest we visit our hop growers out in Yakima Valley, Washington, to select the hops that we will use the following year. This year we brought a camera along to document our trip.

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  • Big Lushious

    Big Lushious is the most recent release in our Backstage Series. It's a chocolate raspberry stout, a sumptuous, extravagant dessert beer fit for enjoying with friends and family around the holidays or to celebrate a special occasion.

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  • Black Rye

    We brewed Black Rye for the first time in 2006—it was available for less than a year, but it developed a cult following. And we decided to reach into our recipe vault and bring it back starting January 2015.

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